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Electrical Testing

Electrical testing & inspecting services

All electrical installations deteriorate with time and use, so to ensure the safety of the users it is important that periodic testing and inspecting is carried out at regular intervals. This is a specific recommendation of BS 7671, commonly known as the Wiring Regulations. Periodic testing and inspecting will ensure your safety and the integrity of the system as well as ensuring that the system is evolving at the rate of your power consumption within the household.

Electrical testing & inspecting for homeowners

We recommend to all our customers that are considering a property purchase, whether a domestic or commercial premises, to seriously consider carrying out a Periodic Inspection and Test of the property. We have found on several occasions that customers have completed their purchase only to then discover that the property that appeared modern and indeed attractive on the surface was, in fact, disguising a multitude of dangerous electrical problems.

These may have ranged from properties with inadequate earthing, old cable crumbling, connector blocks used to joint cables, burnt sockets, switches and consumer units, non-waterproof sockets over sinks and baths, cables gnarled by vermin in attics, multiple rooms inadequately supplied from one circuit etc. A Periodic Inspection would identify this type of problem and many of our customers have re-negotiated their property purchase with the knowledge (and quotation) supplied by our company.

Electrical testing & inspecting for landlords

Although there is no legal obligation to carry out regular checks on the electrics in a rental property, landlords do have an obligation to ensure that the property is safe.

The Electrical Safety Council recommends that at a minimum you should have the electrical installation in rented properties checked every five years, or change of occupancy if sooner. It is also recommended that you visually inspect your property every year.


Our services also include the production of thorough and concise professional digital reports to outline test results, suggestions and appropriate certification.

We supply certificates and reports for:

  • Part P Certification
  • New installations and alterations
  • Home buyers and sellers
  • Minor works installations
  • Periodic electrical inspections

Both home-owners and businesses can rely on Master Spark to ensure your electrical system is fully compliant and safe for use, so you can relax and go about your day knowing your property is in good working order.

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