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Fault finding and repairs services

Fault finding and repairs services

In today’s modern society we all expect the basic provision of light, heat & power in our homes, but when things go wrong it can be a major problem, both in terms of cost and the impact it has on our lives. What is taken for granted one day becomes our biggest frustration the next when it stops working.

Faults within our electrical systems are usually limited to being an inconvenience, but sometimes, unfortunately, they can put the health and safety of our homes and loved ones at serious risk.

We are experts in fault finding and our extensive experience and industry expertise allows us to quickly design tests to uncover the faults in your wiring.

Once we have located the fault, we will explain in non-technical terms:

  • The nature and potential¬†dangers.
  • Give advice and offer solutions on how the issue can best be resolved.
  • Provide you with costs to repair the fault.

Most repairs can often be carried out immediately, however in the event it is not possible, arrangements can be made to re-attend.

Remember electricity is dangerous and must be treated with care, so never just leave an electrical issue and just hope it disappears. Always call an expert like Master Spark, we are trained and equipped to keep you and your home safe.

If you have any of the following get in touch with us today.
Flickering Lights
Overheating cables
Fuses keep blowing
Cracking or sparking sounds
Loss of Power
Circuit breakers keep tripping
Burning smells
Bulbs regularly blowing
Master Spark will never leave you in the dark, so please call us and we shall get you back up and running.
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